Back Ayudyog Ayudyog is developing an Artificial intelligence and spectroscopy-based technology product and service to solve quality control of natural products, foods, pharmaceuticals, feeds, and chemicals. This would be a rapid, non-destructive, eco-friendly, in-situ technology to evaluate quality, and safety and ensure digital traceability throughout the value chain from farm to fork or farm to… Continue reading Ayudyog

Nawe Robotics

Back Nawe Robotics We provide customised Robotics Solution as per your needs. Our Capabilities Mechanical Design (Modelling and Analysis) Embedded (Microcontroller Programming) Electronics (Circuit Design and PCB) Software (Custom Framework) Know More

i4-Marine Technologies

Back i4-Marine Technologies We are a leading Technology team of Engineers, Scientists and Designers specializing in Autonomous Marine Mobility. We strive to build & and manufacture high-impact marine mobility products and solutions that transform how the world conserves and nurtures water resources. Know More


Back Mountford We are a team of doctors and engineers designing medical devices for the developing world the realities of which are different from those of the western world. Our mission is to innovate and manufacture medical equipmentthat is within the reach of even the small hospitalswithout compromising on quality. Know More


Back Kelvin6k We send minivan-sized robots to construction sites and build houses in days instead of months. Our mission Faster Cheaper & Greener Let’s automate the construction industry Know More

Pixuate (Cocoslabs)

Back Pixuate (Cocoslabs) IHFC Grand Project November workshop conducted was a grand success with participants from Industry, corporate and academia coming together to earnPixuate is a technology company that stands at the forefront of the artificial intelligence (AI) industry. With a strong emphasis on delivering deep-tech AI products, Pixuate has emerged as a global leader… Continue reading Pixuate (Cocoslabs)

Systemantics India

Back Systemantics India Pvt. Ltd. Systemantics India Pvt. Ltd. is the only Indian company that has designed and developed collaborative robotic arms (COBOTS) indigenously from the ground up with the end user’s primary needs in mind – reliability, affordability, ease of use, and local full life rapid service and spares. The range of cobot models… Continue reading Systemantics India

Arka Aerospace

Back Arka Aerospace Arka Aerospace is a research-backed technology spin-off from Robotics Research Center, IIITH, India.     Our vision is to become a world-class engineering team in the UAV sector.   With a mission to translate advanced UAV R&D into impactful products. Know More

LightRay – (Retro Panda Labs)

LightRay – (Retro Panda Labs)

Novae Avenue (Papli Labs)

Back Novae Avenue (Papli Labs) Novae Avenue is an AI-based real-time road analytics system that delivers intelligence for safety and security in mobility. Know More

Seianmai Tech

Back SEIANMAI TECH The company started as a part of the READY (Research Entrepreneurship And Development for You) program of IHFC (Innovation Hub for Cobotics, IIT Delhi). This program provides a unique platform to the young talent of the country to work with some of the best academic and research minds of the country in… Continue reading Seianmai Tech


Back TSAW DRONES TSAW is a drone tech company i.e. pioneering the future of advanced air mobility with innovative hardware and software solutions. We are committed to developing and deploying safe, efficient, and sustainable drone solutions for a variety of industries, including logistics, agriculture, and surveillance. Our team of experienced engineers is at the forefront… Continue reading TSAW DRONES


Back ENORD India’s First AI on Edge Drone Tech Start-Up:   We aim to be a global disruptor in the Artificial Intelligence ‘AI’ market. We are developing pioneering technology to provide the world’s most intelligent drone with AI pilot™. The ability to fly a drone in any confined space without GPS is a game changer.… Continue reading ENORD

The Innovation Story

Back The Innovation Story The Innovation Story is a team of passionate educators from globally acclaimed universities united in our goal to equip children with cutting edge skills for their future careers. We strive to inspire and transform children through experiential learning; seeing them change and grow as they create things with their own hands… Continue reading The Innovation Story


Back About Aviate Aviate Academy is a Drone pilot training institution backed by a strategic partnership with I-Hub foundation for Cobotics (IHFC). The Technology Innovation Hub of IIT Delhi. Aviate Academy was founded with the vision to impart professional and proficient training to meet the ever-growing need for skilled drone pilots in India.   Our… Continue reading Aviate

Botlab Dynamics

Back Botlab Dynamics BotLab Dynamics is steadfastly advancing in the realm of drone technology and pioneering the automation of intelligent unmanned aerial vehicles in India. Our focus is on swarm technology which enables many drones to fly autonomously and simultaneously to achieve the assigned tasks and create formations in the sky. Being a research oriented… Continue reading Botlab Dynamics

Cyran AI Solutions

Back CYRAN AI SOLUTIONS We are a Startup recognized by the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP), Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India under the Startup India Program. We build advanced hardware-software technology solutions in the domains of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cyber-Physical Security. We are a spin-off from IIT-Delhi’s ‘Neuromorphic and… Continue reading Cyran AI Solutions


Back Simhatel Digitisation of industrial resources  Tele-operation & cloud integration of industrial assets  AI enabled predictive maintenance mechanism Intelligent Machine Vision for autonomous platforms Development of Machine Learning based analytical tools for data analysis Robotic platforms for intelligent inspection, maintenance and repair (IMR) of industrial infrastructures & facilities Know More


Back Kaidoko Kaidoko is a result of extensive research and innovation in the field of Psychology, Pedagogy, Parenting, and People Relationship.   Our company is backed by IHFC, IIT Delhi, NASSCOM and HARTRON, Government of Haryana. We are also working with the Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of India on implementing newer Psychology-related… Continue reading Kaidoko


Rancho Labs

Back Rancho Labs We’re a dedicated team founded by IIT Delhi alumni and professors in 2019, on a mission to inspire students’ interest in technology fields like AI, Coding, and Robotics through engaging experiential learning. Know More