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The 21st century has been an age of unprecedented advancement in sensing, computing, algorithm research, and development ushering in the growth of robotics research and its adaptation in the real world. More robots are being used right now in the world than ever and this trend is only going to grow.
Extrapolating the trend of adoption, robots are going to play an essential role in society in the coming years, especially in sectors like manufacturing, defence, medicine and disaster management, to mention a few. Intelligent robotic teammates have the potential to expand human capabilities, reduce risk of harm, increase safety, productivity and ultimately the quality of life for our people. Therefore, the development of technology and products that enable the population to work alongside robots is the need of the hour.

With this aim, I-Hub Foundation for Cobotics (IHFC) was established partnering with the Department of Science Technology (DST), Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt. of India.

The guiding theme for this venture is Human-Robot Collaboration for Enhancing Human Capabilities, Reducing Risk and Improving Productivity. A total of 100+ faculty from IIT Delhi, other IITs, IIITs, NITs, and universities around the world have agreed to be a part of this venture in addition to industries like TCS, Samsung and Wipro.

IHFC is tasked with the commercialization of the developed technology into products for application into various target sectors like: Medical Robotics, Agriculture/Disaster Management, Defence and Factories/MSMEs


“To become the most coveted initiatives in India which empowers to develop and nurture ideas which offers world class solutions.”

IHFC will help ascertain the right kind of training, guidance, and necessary resources required by these bright individuals to create a seamless collaboration between industry, research, and academia, ensuring fast-track development and turning ideas into reality.


To empower growth through collaboration and build a community of innovation leaders.

To create and offer an ecosystem for all by coordinating and integrating, knowledge generation, academia support, technology and product development, innovation and commercialization to support projects for a quick turnaround in the field of Cobotics.