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List of R&D Projects at IHFC

S.NoGrand Project TitlePIGrand ProjectPI InstitutionGrand Project Coordinator
1Multi-agent collaboration- A human intent-based mobile robotics framework for complex manipulation in the warehouse environmentDr.Ranjit RayHuman-Robot InteractionCSIR-CMERI DurgapurDr. G C Nandi
2Intelligent Grasp Manipulation Technology Development in a Cobotics Framework Using Complex ManipulationDr. G C Nandi IIIT Allahabad 
3Smart Robotic AssistantsDr. Laxmidhar BeheraHealthcareIIT MandiDr. Laxmidhar Behera
4Voice-based Natural Interaction for Goal Oriented tasks in Health-carePawan Goyal IIT Kharagpur 
5Telepresence and Tele-action System for Robot-Assisted DentistryDr. Amit Bharadwaj IIT Jodhpur 
6Robotics and AI in healthcare to ensure social distancingDr. Rajesh Sinha TCS 
7Development of low-power Neuromorphic & AI Techniques for Industry 4.0 edge processing use casesDr. Manan SuriIndustry 4.0& BeyondCyranDr. Sunil Jha
8Secure and Resilient Control of Robotic Systems in Cyber-Physical Assembly LineDr. Sunil Jha   
9Indigenous design of Light Weight and Efficient Actuators for Robotics ApplicationsDr. Amit Kumar Jain IIT Delhi 
10Human Intent Identification for 'Motion and Impedance Control' of Assistive Devices for physical Human-Robot Interaction and ImplementationsDr. Soumen SenRehabilitation RoboticsCSIR-CMERIDr. Ashish Dutta
11physiological joint torque estimation from biological signals (EEG/EMG) wearable soft robotic myo-processorDr. Sitikantha Roy IIT Delhi 
12Motor Imagery Brain-computer interface for Neuro-prostheses and Robotic NeurorehabilitationDr. Shyamanta M Hazarika IIT Guwahati 
13Wearable robots for human gait restoration: A cable-driven leg exoskeletonDr. Vineet Vashista IIT Gandhinagar 
14Hand and arm exoskeletons for rehabilitation of stroke patientsDr. Ashish Dutta IIT Kanpur 
15Development of active or passive leg exoskeleton based on series elastic actuation for the assistance of elderly humansDr. Felix Orlando Maria Joseph IIT Roorkee 
16Soft Exo-skeleton/Exo-Suit for application in daily life and industry (upper body)Dr. Deep Seth Mahindra Ecole / Mahindra University 
17Development of A Cost-Effective EMG Controlled ​ Prosthetic Hand for Multiple Grasp Patterns​ (ENRICH)Dr. Nayan M. Kakoty Tezpur University 
18Secure photonics-enhanced communication systemsDr. Amol ChoudharyIntelligent Sensing and Secured CommunicationsIIT DelhiDr. Amol Choudhary
19Electronic sub-system design for RADARs and LasersDr. Rakesh Kumar Palani IIT Delhi 
20Self-powered Sensor System for Soft Robotics and Human-Machine InteractionDr. Dhiman Mallick IIT Delhi 
21Signal processing and learning for efficient detection, localization, and tracking by cognitive radarsDr. Arpan Chattopadhyay IIT Delhi 
22Distributed Adaptive Coverage Control of Network of Drones -Theory to PracticeDr. Shubhendu BhasinDrone ApplicationsIIT DelhiDr. Laxmidhar Behera
23Autonomous drones for aerial and close up surveys of agriculture and farmlandDr. Kaushal Kishore CSIR-CEERI Pilani 
24Design and Development of Drone for Disease Identification in Farms/Plants for Precision AgricultureDr. M. K. Padmanabhan Meiyur Technologies 
25Design and development of an intelligent unmanned aerial vehicle applied to open-cast minefield surveillance for real-time monitoring, hazards, and vulnerability assessment​Dr. P M Pathak IIT Roorkee 
26UAV /UGV Collaborative System for Autonomous Inspection and Mapping of Underground Oil/Gas Pipelines​Dr. Amit Shukla Simhatel 
27Drone-based Aerial Manipulation with Human-in-the-LoopDr. Spandan Roy IIIT Hyderabad 
28Targeted drug delivery, cell actuation and Neuroregeneration using Magnetoelectric nanorobot-lab on chipDr. Soutik Betal IIT Delhi 
29Nanofibre synthesis and integration with nanorobotDr. Koel Mukherjee  IIT Madras 
30Magnetically Assisted Discretization of Functionalized Nanoparticles for Targeted Drug Delivery Applications"Dr. Dhiman Mallick  IIT Kanpur 
31Designing Autonomy to Biohybrid Microrobots for Drug Delivery Application: Controller developmentDr. Abhilash PatelNanoroboticsNIT Misra 
32Hydrodynamic response of a micro-swimmer in a microchannelDr. Sumesh Thampi IIT DelhiDr. Soutik Betal
33Human-Machine Collaboration with Deep Neural Networks: Efficient and Generic Interactive Segmentation Framework to Correct Test Time MispredictionsDr. Chetan AroraSeed Project/Medical ApplicationsIIT Delhi