IHFC (I-hub foundation for cobotics) is TIH (technology innovation hub) at IIT-Delhi. We are set up under aegis of the national mission on interdisciplinary cyber-physical systems (NM-ICPS) of department of science & technology, govt. of India. Our mission is to advance India in the real of cobotics or collaborative robotics by bridging industry, research and academia.

IHFC can be found on link accessed via the research tab on IIT-Delhi home page found here: home.iitd.ac.in

IHFC will consider collaborative robotic ideas or research for funding regardless of you having a company set up. IHFC offers incubation to Indian start-up’s and guidance on compliance for the same. Funds from IHFC would follow only after a company is formed by the PI/inventor or IP holder.

While there are number of reasons to incubate at IHFC, IIT-Delhi. The biggest boost organisations gain is the network and resources of IIT-Delhi. Getting a fair valuation and access to funds via appropriate channels and meeting industry demands also becomes easier for some companies. 

Yes absolutely. Not all incubations at IHFC must be physical. In this day and age, we like any other organisation encourage companies to work with what works best for advancing Cobotics while addressing unseen pandemic like issues. We also have a partnership with institutes around the country to help provide guidance as required to nurture talent in the best possible way. Every Cobotics win is a win for IHFC’s mission wherever it may be housed.
Expert Panel consists of the Director and CEO of IHFC, along with members such as a financial expert, Industry Expert and Professors from IIT-Delhi.

Yes, kindly send us your email id’s to register for the same at contact@ihfc.co.in

You can reach us via course registration pages or write an email to contact@ihfc.co.in with subject as Attn to Education & Training manager.
Unfortunately knowing a collaborator, professor or any personal connected to IHFC or IIT-Delhi will not bypass our expert panel evaluations. We believe in equality and fair processes at IHFC and like to award everyone a fair chance to incubate or seek funding support.

You can collaborate & partner with us by sending us a mail on contact@ihfc.co.in with your company/individual details & profiles.