TSAW is a drone tech company i.e. pioneering the future of advanced air mobility with innovative hardware and software solutions. We are committed to developing and deploying safe, efficient, and sustainable drone solutions for a variety of industries, including logistics, agriculture, and surveillance. Our team of experienced engineers is at the forefront of hardware and software development for advanced air mobility.


We are constantly innovating to create new and improved ways to fly drones safely and efficiently. Our drones are powered by our proprietary Drone Cloud Intelligence System (DCIS), a cloud-based autopilot that offers automatic path planning, drone traffic deconfliction, and predictive health management & recovery. This makes our drones the most intelligent and reliable on the market. TSAW is leading the way in the development of advanced air mobility. We are working with businesses around the world to create a future where drones are used to transport people and goods safely and efficiently. We believe that drone technology has the potential to revolutionize the way we live and work. We are committed to making drone technology accessible and affordable for everyone.