The Innovation Story

At The Innovation Story, has recently partnered with IHFC (I-Hub foundation for Cobotics, The TIH if IIT Delhi). TIS mission is to equip young people with real-world skills and help them transform into innovators and problem solvers through a variety of initiatives and programs such as skill-building courses, innovation challenges, workshops, speakers series, and competitions. The beauty of our curriculum lies in its hands-on and experiential nature, designed for joyous student engagement. Through the process of ideation and eventually executing technology based projects, the students acquire skills such as – critical thinking, analytical, collaboration, communication, initiative, execution, time management, leadership, resilience, among others.

About Our Programs:

The Innovation Story offers a multidisciplinary, integrated, comprehensive hands-on curriculum in areas like Programming, Game Development, Website Development, Computer-Aided Design, Robotics and AI.

Our project-based STEM programs empower students with a solid foundation in technology and are unique because

– Our curriculum is designed by passionate STEM leaders from acclaimed Universities like Stanford, IITs and leading tech giants

– All our instructors are subject matter experts from leading universities – Students learn by creating and building

Our courses are specifically designed to equip students with the technical skills that are contemporary, forward thinking and applicable in the real world. They are tailored to augment their academic curriculum and make them ready for life in college and beyond. In the process, they become outcome-oriented individuals, connecting the dots that lead them to infinite possibilities in their projects, and their lives.

Over the last 6 years, our students have accomplished the following –

– Won International Robotics Competitions (FIRST Robotics Competition, which is highly celebrated by both Industry and Top Universities in the World)

– Won Global Leadership Awards

-Got admitted to undergrad programs in Universities like MIT, Stanford, CMU, Columbia, Cornell, Berkeley, among others.

Over the last year, we have enriched our program with highly coveted partnerships such as IHFC (Technology Innovation Hub, IIT Delhi); ARTPARK (AI & Robotics Technology Park promoted by IISC Bangalore & Dept of Science and Technology, India) and the Amazon Future Engineer (which aims to increasing access to CS education to all children).

While we work with children directly as well, we also partner with forward thinking schools to run in school programs. Some of our partner schools include the top schools in India such as Dhirubhai Ambani International School, The Sriram School, Delhi, Bombay International School among others. We also partner with Teach for India, Salaam Bombay Foundation, Agastya Foundation, Abhyudaya, and Avasara to allow children from diverse backgrounds to develop passion and skills in STEM.

TrailBlazHER is our initiative to promote Girls in STEM. Through the TrailBlazHer initiative, girls are provided exposure to STEM and given opportunities to ideate and innovate on real world problems, to participate in Innovation Challenges and in robotic competitions.

Innovation by Students https://youtu.be/p_CKF1SuVOE