Medical Cobotics Centre is a collaboration between IHFC- I-Hub foundation for Cobotics, TIH – IIT Delhi and iHub Anubhuti, TIH- IIIT Delhi. MCC is a centre of excellence to provide education, training, and skill development for Medical/Engineering/Science Students, Doctors, Surgeons, Engineers, Paramedical Staff, and other relevant personnel, creating best-in-class infrastructure for Research and Development (R&D) in the field of Medicine, Healthcare devices and equipment as well as offer a robust Startup Ecosystem for nurturing startups in this domain.

Reach us at: konnectmcc@gmail.com

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Facilities at MCC

Currently the MCC is equipped with following facilities -

High Fidelity Simulator–Human Patient Simulator (HPS) for educating students/professionals to practice via attending courses of similar domain to deal with emergency situation in medical science. Students/Professionals can see /test /learn and verify the result of their treatments for better experience.

Innovation and Research Facility wherein doctors and engineers are to work together in medical science to develop new technologies and devices which will end up benefitting patients and doctors for better advancement in medical system. MCC was set up with the idea is to strengthen the medical ecosystem which is to benefit for the greater good for human kind in every way.

Incubation Center for Startups to extend facilities necessary to develop and test new prototypes/Models/Apps/Technologies which can finally be introduced to the medical industry, academia, other medical and industry partners for mass production.

A Med Device Test Center for testing new industrial products introduced by companies and their acceptance, durability, efficiency for their performance and desired results.

A Display Center to show use case scenarios conceptualized by students and researchers.

Simulation of real world scenarios in case of trauma and ACLT trainings

MCC's Objectives

Objectives of the MCC are as follows:

  • Medical Cobotics Center (MCC), to provide long-term sustainable solutions to the country in medical systems and technologies.
  • Participate, Invest, Collaborate, Execute (PICE) approach for the benefit of society by generating employment and the involvement in the latest technology growth.
  • To remain connected with medical industry to cater to their demand at every stage.
  • Indigenization of technology
  • Widespread network creation across India and abroad
  • Use of latest technology and equipment in medical application

Facilities available with room numbers

Room No.

Name and use case​


Conference room for meetings


Debrief room -1 For live streaming of current scenario being run on mid delity simulator. Equipped with ultrasound guided Central venous catheter placement


Research Lab- For start ups and doctors for scenarios R&D. Comes equipped with Central Training manikin, and regional anaesthesia blocks training, Airway Management Trainer, IV Arm - for practicing injection skills at various sites like intravenous, intramuscular etc.


Low Fidelity Room- Simulators which are for training of fundamentals like CPR


Scenario Room- Where a situation is created and briefed for treatment


Debrief Room-2 For live streaming of current scenario being run on high delity simulator


Medical Innovation Room- For start ups to establish and work on their R&D. Eyesi Surgical is a high-end virtual reality simulator for intraocular surgery training. The Eyesi platform can be equipped with interfaces for cataract and vitreoretinal surgery. Training units range from basic skills training through to surgical procedures and complications management. Validated training concepts support residencies in integrating the simulator into their program. The highly realistic simulation of interaction with tissue in real-time increases trainees' surgical experience – without risk for real patients.


AR/VR Room- Equipment for testing and developing AR/VR Tech. The rst VR simulator for teaching the diagnostic skill of otoscopy. Equipped with a model ear and otoscope handpiece. The virtual reality simulator Earsi Otoscope allows medical students to practice handling of the otoscope and recognition of the most common pathologies of the ear.


Utility room- for storing small size equipments


Changing rooms


Mid Fidelity room- Adult and Pediatric Auscultation simulator, realistic simulation scenarios in the OT Environment to develop surgical teams in communication. TestChest and LuSi are autonomous lung simulators.


Console room- For creating and monitoring scenarios for High and Mid Fidelity Simulators


High Fidelity Room- Actual treatment of a situation by trainees on Human Patient Simulator


Equipment and facility lobby


Server room


Faculty Lounge and cabins

We are open to collaborate with Industry, Institutes, Organisations, who are interested to collaborate and invest and work on problem solving, designing prototypes and Software/Hardware solutions in the field of Medical and Healthcare. They can participate and submit their proposals on the below email id.. MCC is available to collaborate with below listed domains but not limited to Digital Healthcare, Medical Simulators, Nano Robotics, Rehabilitation Robotics, Healthcare Robotics, Healthcare Devices and Equipment, Cognitive Computing , Social Sensing and Blockchain Applications in Healthcare

Reach us at: konnectmcc@gmail.com