Commercialization Projects

Through collaboration with IHFC, faculties, researchers, scientists, technologists, entrepreneurs, startups, and R&D institutions possessing patents, technology, or prototypes with Technology Readiness Levels (TRL) 4 and higher will have access to our extensive network, technical support, funding opportunities, and guidance for commercializing their products. This collaboration is geared towards expediting the commercialization of patented technologies, products, or prototypes with TRL 4 and higher, thereby facilitating the deployment of advanced solutions to address real-world challenges.
S.No Project Title Project Summary PI Institution
1 A Hand-Held Medical Device for In-Vivo Mechanical Characterization of Bone Development of a non-invasive, hand-held medical device for assessing bone mechanical properties and bone health parameters using nano-indentation techniques. This innovation offers a more accurate and less invasive alternative to current bone assessment methods, with potential applications in fracture prevention and precise clinical prescriptions. Prof. Navin Kumar IIT Ropar
2 A Load Sensor-Based Smart Basket System and An Associated Method Thereof Developing an automated shopping system, referred to as the "Smart-Basket," designed to streamline the shopping process by integrating a mobile application, barcode reader, and a cloud database. It aims to enhance convenience for shoppers by allowing them to scan and add items to their cart, track their purchases, and make payments through the app. Prof. Sachin Kansal Thapar Institute of Engg. & Tech.
3 A hands-free device for enabling the differently-abled to turn the pages of a book while reading – Page Flipper A robot to help the differently-abled who cannot use their hands to flip pages of books. Unique application of the articulated arms is in page-separation and lifting. Suction-based/ Adhesion-based lifting, voice and foot/any body part-based actuation, modular, portable, lightweight and economic Prof. Sandipan Bandopadhyay IIT Madras
4 An Improved Batch-Flow Photoreactor The proposal introduces a scalable falling film looping photoreactor designed for efficient organic synthesis using visible light. It addresses the need for scalable photochemical organic synthesis, offering consistent reaction conditions, safety measures, and potential cost-efficiency in comparison to traditional batch reactors, with applications in medical/chemical research and industrial settings. Prof. Subrata Das NIT Patna