Vision behind Kaidoko & How Startups on AI are Built

IHFC (TIH of IIT Delhi) is organizing 40th CoboTalks!
By: Anish Batra (Co-Founder, Kaidoko)

A unique initiative of IHFC is the “NURTURE” program

Back Nurture Program A unique initiative of IHFC is the “NURTURE” program, an educational outreach program, where the communities such as scheduled class students are offered futuristic and relevant courses all over India including villages and remote areas, free of charge. This initiative gives them an opportunity to get exposed to subjects such as Artificial… Continue reading A unique initiative of IHFC is the “NURTURE” program

Tele Operation Tele Observance (TOTO)

Back Tele Operation Tele Observance (TOTO) Srikrishna S. started building robots at an early age and is passionate about Telepresence, as it significantly cuts human travel while maintaining a decent personalized interaction. He founded SeiAnmai Tech and is continuing his entrepreneurial journey. with TOTO being applied in the field of education, medical, defence and industry.

Drone Mapping

Rohan and Shashank, interns at IHFC READY Program, developed an advanced indigenous X-Configured UAV/Quadcopter. It includes telemetry, GPS, onboard computing, and a camera module for aerial photogrammetry using ROS Gazebo simulators, incorporated inputs, and applied 2D/3D SLAM techniques. The optimized software stack produces panorama stitching, ortho-mosaic, and high-resolution composites.


Jay Patil was part of the winning team of DD Robocon 2023. His IHFC – IIT Delhi internship resulted in “Galvinator”, an innovative wearable device for gait analysis with potential rehabilitation applications.


Mahshida Hamid developed Robo knee a joint power augmentation device which enhances natural knee movement using electrochemical components like springs and dampers. It is aimed as a physiotherapy and rehabilitation product.

Single Inverted Pendulum with a Novel Control Logic

Tanya Chugh is developing an intelligent algorithm for a self-stabilizing inverted pendulam developed by READY Program Alumnus Tufail Ahmed. The algorithm finds application in self-balancing systems ranging from e-bike to aerospace.

Snake Robot- Disaster Management

Mahankali Sripaad, an IHFC READY Program intern, in partnership with Keio University, Japan and RIKA India has developed a Search Robot – “Rattle Snake” to aid in rescue operations. With its agility, this innovative robot performs intricate maneuvers and provides situational analysis with its precise 3-axis camera movements, enhancing disaster search and rescue operations.

Call for commercialisation of Industry and HRI Hardware Cobotics under project 2.0

IHFC (TIH of IIT Delhi) introduces Grand Project 2.0 focusing on Commercialization of Industry and HRI Hardware Robotics and Cobotics!

Summer Bootcamp on IoT for Sustainability Transitions: Environment

Learn the technologies to understand the environment
Program Features … … …

Control Challenges in Non-linear Robotic Systems

39th CoboTalks on “Control Challenges in Non-linear Robotic Systems” by Prof. Indra Narayan Kar

AI for Good Robotics for Good Youth Challenge India 2024

The Robotics for Good Youth Challenge India is the prestigious Indian National Event of the Robotics for Good Youth Challenge

AI Day for Startups – Delhi

Join “AI Day for Startups” event hosted by IHFC(TIH-IIT Delhi) …


Back Ayudyog Ayudyog is developing an Artificial intelligence and spectroscopy-based technology product and service to solve quality control of natural products, foods, pharmaceuticals, feeds, and chemicals. This would be a rapid, non-destructive, eco-friendly, in-situ technology to evaluate quality, and safety and ensure digital traceability throughout the value chain from farm to fork or farm to… Continue reading Ayudyog

Nawe Robotics

Back Nawe Robotics We provide customised Robotics Solution as per your needs. Our Capabilities Mechanical Design (Modelling and Analysis) Embedded (Microcontroller Programming) Electronics (Circuit Design and PCB) Software (Custom Framework) Know More

Call for Grand Projects 2.0 – Commercialization of Healthcare and Rehabilitation Hardware Robotics/Cobotics

By collaborating with IHFC, patent holders will gain access to our extensive network, technical support, funding opportunities, and guidance, mentoring to spur their patented technologies for commercialization and deploy advanced solutions that address real-world challenges.

Advancement in Drone Technology and Entrepreneurship

IHFC (TIH of IIT Delhi) is organizing 38th CoboTalks!

i4-Marine Technologies

Back i4-Marine Technologies We are a leading Technology team of Engineers, Scientists and Designers specializing in Autonomous Marine Mobility. We strive to build & and manufacture high-impact marine mobility products and solutions that transform how the world conserves and nurtures water resources. Know More

Joint Call for Proposal for Startups and Research Professionals in Healthcare & Medtech

This joint Call for Proposal from MCC & Dalvkot is to invite incubation proposal from Startups and Research professionals who are involved in developing technologies or products in Healthtech space giving them the opportunity to be mentored for growth and fostering excellence in R&D in HealthTech.


Back Mountford We are a team of doctors and engineers designing medical devices for the developing world the realities of which are different from those of the western world. Our mission is to innovate and manufacture medical equipmentthat is within the reach of even the small hospitalswithout compromising on quality. Know More

Co-Innovation Center Call for Proposal

I-Hub Foundation for Cobotics (IHFC), Technology Innovation Hub (TIH) of IIT Delhi invites application for the establishment of Ten (10) Co-Innovation Centres (CiC). The CiC aims to promote entrepreneurship and startups in Deep Tech Domains (Robotics, AI, Machine Learning, IoT, etc)


Aerial photography is widely used in nature, sports, archaeology, journalism, Industrial Inspection, surveillance and Tele Live Broadcasting etc.

EOI of Drone Technology Park (DTP)

This Expression of interest (EOI) is to invite proposals for Design of DTP (Drone
Technology Park), to be developed at IIT Delhi Sonipat Campus.

Application for Women’s startup entrepreneurs in Healthcare, Industry, Defence and, Agriculture

For last couple of years India has seen an immense surge and interest in technologies related to application of collaborative robotics (including Al, robotics, ML, loT, Cognitive Sciences etc.)

EOI for Design of Drone Tech Park

This Expression of interest (EOI) is to invite proposals for Design of DTP (Drone
Technology Park), to be developed at IIT Delhi Sonipat Campus. IHFC envisions DTP as a
state-of-the-art drone facility for design, research, manufacturing, testing, standardization,
certification, and training on Drones.

Call for proposal for startups

Call for proposal for startups (TRL 2-3) across all technology –

Delhi Hackathon – Open To All Delhi Schools

In association with DBSE and SOSE. First of its kind initiative by Delhi Government at School level from Grade 9 to 12.

Artificial Intelligence Augmented Robotic Neurorehabilitation

The next 37th CoboTalks is back and this time is ready to show its love for Artificial Intelligence!


Back Kelvin6k We send minivan-sized robots to construction sites and build houses in days instead of months. Our mission Faster Cheaper & Greener Let’s automate the construction industry Know More

Applications for Seed Stage Start-up

In the field of healthcare, industry 4.0, defence, & agriculture dfssakjfsdakjfhfljkshflkjfhlkfhsdljfadasashl