Drone Mapping

Rohan and Shashank, interns at IHFC READY Program, developed an advanced indigenous X-Configured UAV/Quadcopter. It includes telemetry, GPS, onboard computing, and a camera module for aerial photogrammetry using ROS Gazebo simulators, incorporated inputs, and applied 2D/3D SLAM techniques. The optimized software stack produces panorama stitching, ortho-mosaic, and high-resolution composites.


Jay Patil was part of the winning team of DD Robocon 2023. His IHFC – IIT Delhi internship resulted in “Galvinator”, an innovative wearable device for gait analysis with potential rehabilitation applications.


Mahshida Hamid developed Robo knee a joint power augmentation device which enhances natural knee movement using electrochemical components like springs and dampers. It is aimed as a physiotherapy and rehabilitation product.

Single Inverted Pendulum with a Novel Control Logic

Tanya Chugh is developing an intelligent algorithm for a self-stabilizing inverted pendulam developed by READY Program Alumnus Tufail Ahmed. The algorithm finds application in self-balancing systems ranging from e-bike to aerospace.

Snake Robot- Disaster Management

Mahankali Sripaad, an IHFC READY Program intern, in partnership with Keio University, Japan and RIKA India has developed a Search Robot – “Rattle Snake” to aid in rescue operations. With its agility, this innovative robot performs intricate maneuvers and provides situational analysis with its precise 3-axis camera movements, enhancing disaster search and rescue operations.