EOI for 32 channel dry Electrode

IHFC is issuing this online EOI (Expression of Interest) for inviting commercial rate submission of a 32 channel Dry Electrode wireless EEG Headset with integrated EEG amplifier and wireless electronics inbuilt in the EEG headset for setup at IIT Delhi.

Startup call Application of Robotics/ AI & ML

Startup call Application of Robotics/ AI & ML in Health Care Industry 4.0 Defence Agriculture

EOI Drone items

Back EOI Drone items IHFC is issuing  this online EOI (Expression of Interest)  for inviting commercial rate submission for items related to Drone technology like Simulators, Copters, IoT sensors and their supplementary devices for setting up a training center at Guwahati. View PDF Download Excel

EoI for Fabrication for MCC(Medical Cobotics Center)

EoI for Fabrication for MCC (Medical Cobotics Center) I-Hub Foundation for Cobotics (IHFC) Technology