IHFC is proud to launch a summer camp for student

IHFC is proud to launch a summercamp for students (Grade 6 through 12) on Coding and robotics at Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi Campus itself !! This special Summer Camp is brought to you by Rancho Labs, recently incubated by IHFC(IIT Delhi’s Technology Innovation Hub)
The first offline class today was conducted with Batch 1 comprising over 25 students. Each batch for individual attention and focus will not have more than 25-30 kinds and 5 mentors in each class. The teaching is more focused on gaining hands-on practical learning and gaining knowledge while working on Robotics using coding.


Rancho Labs is a unique startup that loves to learn, build and innovate. Initiated in 2019 by IIT Delhi Alumni and Professors incubated at IHFC, IIT Delhi to make student thrive over Innovation and Technology from their early stage of life by complementing their school education, engaging them in challenging, interactive and enjoyable practical learning activities, so the application of their skills becomes natural to them. Thus, taking the process of learning to completion and extending the objective of education beyond the grade sheet.

Anshul Agrawal and Aman Kumar founded Rancho Labs while pursuing B.Tech from IIT – Delhi with a zeal for innovation and decided to drive education beyond traditional learning methods. They strongly believe that by discovering a passion and following it from an early stage in life, one can always excel in the chosen field. This led to the rise of Rancho Labs, a platform that offers guidance, programs and courses nurturing young minds’ passion and dreams.

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