I-Hub Foundation for Cobotics (IHFC) partners with eClerx Services Ltd., to collaborate in the domain of A.I, Machine Learning, and RPA Solutions.

IHFC, the Technology Innovation Hub of IIT Delhi and eClerx, a global leader in business process management, change management and data-driven insights supported by intelligent automation, recently forged a mutually beneficial alliance to jointly invest and co-create innovative solutions in the area of Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning, Intelligent Automation, and Mobility Solutions.

The joint efforts will focus on building solutions in the area of image recognition, speech recognition, natural language processing, text mining, and intelligent automation. eClerx looks at this as an opportunity to leverage the skillsets and resources of IIT Delhi to augment its product stack and provide cutting-edge solutions to its clients.

Apart from these above-mentioned technologies, the partnership will also explore advancements in data engineering, blockchain and metaverse to build customer-relevant IPs.

An MOU was signed in the eminent presence of Prof Subir Kumar Saha , Mr. Ashutosh Dutt Sharma, Mr. Narender Gaur representing IHFC and Mr Sanjay Kukreja representing eClerx, to this effect.

On this momentous occasion, Professor Subir Kumar Saha, Project Director IHFC, speaking on the occasion expressed his happiness and shared that – “We see this collaboration as a great opportunity for the organizations to come together, ideate, create, and execute various projects and services which will be mutually beneficial for both.”

Emphasizing the need for such collaborations, Mr.Ashutosh Dutt Sharma – Chief Executive Officer (IHFC) commented that – “IHFC very excited to take this next step in forging ahead a mutually beneficial partnership utilizing the upcoming technologies for creating solutions for benefit of the industry”.

Also, Manish Mittal, head of the Centre of Excellence for AI, ML, Data and Cloud practice commented, “apart from augmenting capabilities of our existing tools, we plan to leverage the expertise of IHFC to invest in newer applications around data engineering, blockchain and metaverse” to expand our portfolio of services.

Expressing his delight, Mr. Sanjay Kukreja (Global CTO – eClerx) shared: “We are excited and proud to be collaborating with IHFC to create innovative solutions in the area of AI/ML, intelligent automation, mobility, and data engineering. eClerx has invested heavily over the years in building cutting-edge applications as part of the Technology Research & Development team. We look forward to working closely with Dr. Saha and Ashutosh Sharma on a number of initiatives in the near future.”