Living with Robots: A New Era of Human-Robot Coexistence and Technology-Assisted Care in Japan

IHFC (TIH of IIT Delhi) is organizing 41st CoboTalks! By : Mrs. Satoko Shibata & Dr. Tomohiro Shibata

Vision behind Kaidoko & How Startups on AI are Built

IHFC (TIH of IIT Delhi) is organizing 40th CoboTalks!
By: Anish Batra (Co-Founder, Kaidoko)

Control Challenges in Non-linear Robotic Systems

39th CoboTalks on “Control Challenges in Non-linear Robotic Systems” by Prof. Indra Narayan Kar

Advancement in Drone Technology and Entrepreneurship

IHFC (TIH of IIT Delhi) is organizing 38th CoboTalks!

Artificial Intelligence Augmented Robotic Neurorehabilitation

The next 37th CoboTalks is back and this time is ready to show its love for Artificial Intelligence!