Dr. P Rajalakshmi ​

Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering

Upcoming Cobotalks on 9th March ( Womens Day Special)2023 :

The 28th talk of our CoboTalks series will be conducted on 9th March 2023, Thiursday  from 6pm – 7pm (IST) . The details of the talk are as follows:

IHFC (TIH of IIT Delhi) we are back with #cobotalks on 9 th March a #special #Women’s Day edition !
We are privileged to have Dr. P Rajalakshmi on that day to give you an :
Overview of #autonomousvehicles Navigation Research at IITH with specific use case discussion


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An overview of the Autonomous navigation #research and development activities at IITH will be introduced. Systems that look for and react to different vulnerable road users (VRUs), are very useful in enabling the safety of autonomous vehicle. Specific use cases like #autonomous #emergency #braking (AEB) for different real time scenarios using multiple sensors like #lidar and camera will be discussed during the talk.


Speaker Bio:
Dr. P Rajalakshmi, is a Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering, CYIENT Chair Professor in Future Communications, Project Director of Technology Innovation Hub on Autonomous Navigations (TiHAN) at IIT Hyderabad. Her research areas: Autonomous Navigations, #drone based sensing, wireless communications, Internet of Things, Cyber Physical Systems targeting applications like autonomous transportation – aerial and terrestrial, agriculture, healthcare, environmental monitoring, and smart buildings. She has been handling R&D projects funded by industry and Government of India in these areas. Along with fundamental research in IoT/CPS domain, she also emphasizes on translational research. Out of her research activities, she has filed 15 patents, 2 copyrights, published over 40 Journals and 135 conference peer-reviewed papers. She was awarded Young Faculty Research Fellowship under Visvesvaraya Programme. She is also Member of CII Telangana Digital Transformation and IT Panel since August 2018.


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Time : 6-7 PM online

Please register on : http://bit.ly/3ZoMAA2