IHFC celebrates 2 years of success since inception

IHFC, Technology Innovation Hub of IIT Delhi, Celebrates 2nd Anniversary with Call for Proposal in Areas of Nano Robotics, Autonomous Vehicles

New Delhi: I-Hub Foundation for Cobotics (IHFC), the technology innovation hub of IIT Delhi which was launched on June 13, 2020, recently celebrated its 2nd anniversary. Dr. Srivari Chandrasekhar, Secretary, Department of Science of Technology, Government of India was chief guest at the event that was organised to mark the 2nd anniversary.

On this occasion, IHFC announced Call for Proposals for three new Grand Projects in areas of Nano Robotics, Block Chain for applications in Robotics, Autonomous Vehicles.

The urgency was for more futuristic and need of the hour projects. Already major key areas were covered in the other 7 Grand Projects currently being worked upon by IHFC. With the current buzz being of Nano Robotics , Blockchain, and Autonomous Vehicles which is a self-driving car, on which DST Secretary, S, Chandrasekhar also stressed upon , it is a natural progress for IHFC to align itself with projects which is going to benefit mankind greatly in the future and the government too has, as their focus areas of interest.

Addressing the event, the DST secretary, Dr Chandrasekhar expressed his satisfaction and delight over the association of the DST with the IHFC and how the latter has moved forward in the last 2 years on all the mandates given by the DST.

Dr Chandrasekhar added that agriculture needs attention and intervention, and he is looking forward to the DST and IHFC to work seamlessly and coherently for future growth in this area and offer some solution to the farmers and the agricultural sector.

He also unveiled the 4th edition of the IHFC newsletter Cobotics News at this event.

Prof. Rangan Banerjee, Director, IIT Delhi highlighted the significant progress made by the IHFC during the last 2 years in areas of incubating start-ups and shortlisting the Grand Projects in the focus areas to work upon.

Prof. Subir Kumar Saha, Project Director, IHFC spoke about all the recent collaborations the IHFC has established with various entities and governing bodies. He also shared his enthusiasm about the recent development in the field of school education research and development, and the significant role IHFC would play to enable them.

Prof. Saha said, “I would like to thank the Delhi Government for their futuristic thought process of creating and enabling schools to implement a revised and more technically robust syllabus making the children of the future, tomorrow ready and for choosing IHFC as the main player in creating this revised and futuristic skill development-based syllabus.”

He also emphasised how it’s important that all the Innovation Hubs are continuously supported by the government, industry and academia.

IHFC has been working with its collaborating institutes and organisations and has launched seven grand projects in the area of Medical Simulators, Healthcare Robotics, Rehabilitation Robotics, Drone Applications, Human Robot Interaction (HRI), Industry 4.0 and Beyond, Intelligent Sensing and Secured Communication to fund research and product development in these domains.
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