Nurture Program

A unique initiative of IHFC is the “NURTURE” program, an educational outreach program, where the communities such as scheduled class students are offered futuristic and relevant courses all over India including villages and remote areas, free of charge. This initiative gives them an opportunity to get exposed to subjects such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Entrepreneurship, Robotics, Machine Learning, Drone Technology and empowering these lesser privileged communities to be job ready. This is not only for children of schools but also for college students and working professionals from the lesser privileged communities. The program has been conducted for such segment of people all over India for students and adults alike.
Program Name Students /Individuals covered States Covered Future Plans
NURTURE for underprivileged communities 10000+ Bihar, Maharashtra, West Bengal, UP, AP, Northeast, Punjab, Karnataka, Haryana etc. To reach 15000+ Students by March 24