Botlab Dynamics

BotLab Dynamics is steadfastly advancing in the realm of drone technology and pioneering the automation of intelligent unmanned aerial vehicles in India. Our focus is on swarm technology which enables many drones to fly autonomously and simultaneously to achieve the assigned tasks and create formations in the sky. Being a research oriented start-up and having spent above seven years in R & D for UAV applications, BotLab has built all the solutions in-house to ensure flexibility and precision while deploying solutions. 

BotLab is a pioneer in India for the drone light show vertical. We launched this vertical by setting the record of hosting India’s largest drone light show with 1,000 drones at Rashtrapati Bhawan on 29th January 2022 for the Beating Retreat ceremony. This made India the fourth nation in the world to host a drone show of this scale. Within the span of six months from our launch, we achieved more milestones– hosting India’s first QR Code in the sky in Mumbai on 17th May 2022, and then moving beyond the borders to host Africa’s largest drone light show on 26th June 2022. Our mission to be in the Entertainment industry is to eventually replace all the fireworks with drone-light-shows. 

This will not only add joy and make the audience’s experience more memorable, but also help eradicate the pollution from the environment. To ensure that every Indian citizen experiences the drone light show, we are working towards building more and more drone fleets for the shows.