Advanced Technology Programs by IHFC will provide fundamental knowledge for individuals, instructors and professionals looking for an introduction to design and develop Integrated, autonomous and collaborative robotic systems.

Three days hands-on workshop on stimulation of robotic maniupulators

Robotics Simulation gives design validation as well as helps to preview the working of the robot. This hands-on workshop aims at introducing robotic manipulator concepts and applications using simulation tools. Three such simulation tools, namely, RoboAnalyzer, AristoSIM, WorkspaceLT are introduced to the participants. Engineering students, teachers and young working professionals from industry can experience and gain knowledge of robotic arm design and deployment through case studies

Global online course on machine learning for cobotics

Machine Learning is an indispensable tool in advanced computing applications. This course covers the elementary concepts of machine learning with illustrative case studies in the area of cobotics (collaborative robotics). The course consists of NINE lecture modules and a Team-based Online Project (TOP). This course is primarily designed for working professionals, faculty, engineering and science graduates who are working in the area of cobotics/robotics with requirements of developing data-centric algorithms.


Global online course on fundamentals of cobotics

This course is primarily designed to introduce Cobotics to engineering and science graduates, teachers and industry. This course helps in laying a foundation to building blocks and necessary tools to further research and develop cobots.