I am Srikrishna S from Chennai. I have been working in robotics for the past Five (5) years. I graduated from B.Tech Electronics and Communications Engineering at NIT Trichy. While there I was involved with the robotics club of NIT Trichy where I built several robots and worked on different projects like soccer robots (a system of robots which can play soccer). I also worked as an intern under Dr.S.K.Saha in the project Robomuse 4 where I learnt about mobile robot SLAM, navigation and various other concepts. This allowed me to pursue a mobile robotics project as my final year project where we were making a person following robot. We were successfully able to make one and we were able to publish our results. After that I wanted to continue working on mobile robotics and build the platform I had built into a better version with more features hence I proposed them to join the READY program and I was accepted. I have been working in the program for past months and it has been a great learning experience for me learning how to present ideas, how to document successes and failures and how to improve upon them. I always wanted to innovate in the field of robotics and this allows me to do so with the guidance of experts.


After completing his six month pre-seed incubation at IHFC READY Program Srikrishna S has started his company SeiAnmai Technologies – A Startup in the space of Internet of Robotics, Telepresence Robots and Communication Technology for Robotics Systems. His first product TOTO – a research and education mobile robotic platform is available for pre-order. Check www.seianmai.tech for updates. Contact Srikrishna at director@seianmai.tech

Here are some glimpses: