Seminar Series on Industrial Cobotics Research


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6th iCoboTalks

by Mr. Tanmay Bunkar
Precision Flying with 1000 Drones
16th March 2022 / 5pm-6pm IST

5th iCoboTalks

by Dr. Chayan Sarkar (Scientist, Robotics and Autonomous Systems, TCS Research)
Natural language task understanding for an embedded agent
16th February 2022 / 5pm-6pm IST

4th iCoboTalks

by Sanjeev Thukral, Ceo, neurIOT Technologies LLP
Practical DeepTech Use Cases in Airline and public Safety Sectors
15th December 2021 / 5pm-6pm IST

3rd iCoboTalks

by Satish Shukla, Cofounder and Head, Marketing & HR (Addverb Technologies)
Warehouse Automation: A Human-Robot Collaboration
15th December 2021 / 5pm-6pm IST

2nd iCoboTalks

by Varun Jain (Chief Manager in the Mobile Robotics Team Addverb Technologies)
Mobile Robots- The upcoming rovers in the mobility space
17th November 2021 / 5pm-6pm IST

1st iCoboTalks

By Sarthak Upadhyay (Senior Manager, Mobile Robotics, Addverb Technologies)
Robotics Picking Automation - An Emerging Shift
20th October 2021 / 5pm-6pm IST

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