About Us

Advances in sensing, computation and autonomy are enabling robots and autonomous systems to enter real-world domains such as manufacturing, defense, medical, agriculture etc. where machines must work alongside and interact with humans. We are entering an era of “manned + unmanned” teaming where humans and robotic systems must work together towards common goals. Intelligent robotic teammates, have the potential to expand human capabilities, reduce risk of harm, increase safety, productivity and ultimately the quality of life for our people. Competency in human-robot collaboration is crucial for our country such that robotic systems enhance the capabilities of our workforce rather than trigger replacement.

Our Vision

Development of intelligent machines for human assistance requires scientific advances in primarily three areas. First, the development of complex physical mechanisms & control for performing dexterous real-world tasks. Second, realization of high-fidelity sensing, energyefficient computing and smart actuators for environment interaction. Third, machine intelligence for cognition, planning and learning from experience. The realization of human collaborative systems provides a unique opportunity to address these scientific questions in an integrated way.

Our Goals

  • Human-Robot Collaboration for enhancing human
    capabilities, reducing risk and improving productivity.

Our Objectives

  • Research on Novel Technology areas of Robotics and Automation Science.
  • Development of products for the benefit of society.
  • Inculcation of startups and promoting entrepreneurship in India.