• The most awaited DD Robocon event is live and offline in New Delhi at Thyagraj stadium on 16-17th July 2022

    Watch the bests from all across the country trying to win this coveted title of Robocon championship.

  • IHFC's partnership with Kaidoko using the power of AI

    IHFC's partnership with Kaidoko using the power of AI because we at IHFC too believe that #abmindkibaari.

  • IHFC is proud to launch a summercamp for students

    This special Summer Camp is being brought to you by Rancho Labs recently incubated by IHFC(IIT Delhi's Technology Innovation Hub)

  • CALL for PROPOSAL for New Grand Project NOW OPEN

    IHFC calls for 3 NEW Grand Project proposals and launched the same on their 2nd anniversary on 13th June.

  • IHFC celebrates 2 years of success since inception

    IHFC, Technology Innovation Hub of IIT Delhi, Celebrates 2nd Anniversary with Call for Proposal in Areas of Nano Robotics, Autonomous Vehicles

  • Technology Innovation Hub of IIT Delhi (IHFC) Signs MoU with the CISCE

    I-Hub Foundation for Cobotics (IHFC), the Technology Innovation Hub (TIH) of IIT Delhi, has signed an MoU with CISCE...

  • How cobotics can help enhance human capacity, not replace them.

    Cobotics is making quick inroads in academic research and industry in a post-Covid world with ever-increasing ...

  • Innovation Hub For Cobotics At IIT Delhi Completes One Year Successfully

    IIT Delhi’s Technology Innovation Hub (TIH) for Cobotics (Collaborative Robotics) known as ‘I-Hub Foundation ...